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Updated: 22 Sep 2023 • 59 episodes

Podcast hosted by investigative writer and researcher Whitney Webb


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Whitney Webb & Ryan Cristian 22 Sep 2023 • EN

The False Self with Ryan Cristian

In this episode, Whitney and Ryan discuss how the epidemic of narcissism feeds the ambitions of the powers that be and leads many to invest in a false, virtual self. Show notes Originally published 09/19/23. Get early access to podcasts by becoming an Unlimited Hangout member. Find previous episodes on all podcast plat

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Whitney Webb & Mark Goodwin 06 Jun 2023 • EN

The Bitcoin Dollar & Crypto-Colonialism with Mark Goodwin

Whitney is joined by Bitcoin Magazine's Mark Goodwin to discuss how bitcoin is being used by some to dollarize the world and entrench the very same financial power structures, particularly in the developing world, that bitcoin was ostensibly created to challenge. Also discussed are suspect stablecoins and the roles of

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Whitney Webb & Stavroula Pabst 16 May 2023 • EN

The New Ukraine with Stavroula Pabst

In this episode, Whitney talks to Stavroula Pabst about the reconstruction efforts in Ukraine and how much of Ukraine's government and infrastructure has been outsourced or sold off to Western corporations that are using the country as a testbed for 4IR technologies. Show notes Follow Stavroula: @stavroulapabst and Sub

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Whitney Webb & Catherine Austin Fitts 21 Apr 2023 • EN

Consolidating Control with Catherine Austin Fitts

Whitney is joined by Catherine Austin Fitts to discuss the current financial situation and what to expect in the short term, why the US government is using the crisis to push for greater bank consolidation, the FedNow service and the role commercial banks are set to play after the rollout of CBDCs. Show notes Follow Ca

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Whitney Webb & Maddie Bannon 06 Apr 2023 • EN

Robert Califf’s FDA with Maddie Bannon

In this episode, Whitney is joined by Maddie Bannon to discuss FDA Commissioner Robert Califf and his role in removing regulatory obstacles for the "healthcare" related wearable, implantable devices and other emerging technologies seen as crucial to the advance of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Show notes Follow Maddie

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Whitney Webb & Marty Bent + Mike Krieger 21 Mar 2023 • EN

Crypto & the SVB Banking Crisis with Marty Bent & Michael Krieger

In this episode, Whitney is joined by Marty Bent and Mike Krieger to unpack the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the financial instability that has ensued and interrogate the flimsy narratives used to justify, among other things, the SVB bail-out and the shutdown of Signature Bank. Show notes Follow Marty on

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