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Luc Doucet & Nicolas Julia 23 Jan 2023 • EN

195 - The Master Plan at Sorare | Nicolas Julia, Founder

Out of all web3 sports projects, only ONE grew in active users through 2023. And today's we have its founder, Nicolas Julia, on the podcast to talk Sorare, Mbappe, Zidane, NBA, and the french tech scene. Plus, he drops some unexpected alpha midway through the episode about some exciting NFTs that may be coming to the p

42 min
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Luc Doucet & Micah Johnson 12 Dec 2022 • EN

189 - From MLB Player To NFT Artist | Micah Johnson

Imagine playing baseball your entire life, finally making it to the MLB, and retiring after just three seasons. Then imagine being broke for two years, painting every single day in your garage, with an absolute conviction that you could make it as an artist. That's what Micah Johnson did, when he left baseball and went

40 min
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Luc Doucet & Brenden Mulligan 19 Sep 2022 • EN

178 - How Premint Is Making NFTs Less Painful | Brenden Mulligan

There’s a golden question in NFTs - Where is it all going? There’s no straight answer here. The NFT boom came out of nowhere, as did its biggest players. So with no predictable origin, it’s challenging to predict a future, or a final act. But today's guest cares less for what the future holds, and more for what creator

62 min
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Luc Doucet & Andrew Steinwold 05 Sep 2022 • EN

176 - Why NFTs Will Be So Much Bigger Than We Think | Andrew Steinwold

We know NFTs have potential, but just how big will they get? We welcome a true OG and podcaster, Andrew Steinwold, host of Zima Red, to break down how NFTs will come to swallow land deeds, international markets, and all forms of commerce. Plus, we get a sneak peek into the early days of the NFT scene.

58 min
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Luc Doucet & Tascha 01 Aug 2022 • EN

171 - Value In The Bear Market | Tascha Labs

The crypto market can't make up its mind, so we called up one of the best in the biz: Tascha from Tascha Labs, who literally holds a PhD in Macroeconomics and is a well known writer in the crypto space. She shares her insight on the macro, the war, the market, and how this current version of NFTs has zero chance of sti

48 min
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Luc Doucet & Marcus Bläsche 25 Apr 2022 • EN

157 - From WoW Raids to Rumble Kongs | Marcus Bläsche

Meet Marcus, the founder of Rumble Kong League AND the Director of Marketing for The Sandbox. Born a red-bull crushing gamer, Marcus turned his passion into a career in gaming (including a stint at Blizzard), and now lives/breathes the Play2Earn revolution. So what's his POV on today's NFT trends, and what will it take

57 min
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