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Joshua Kriger + Jeff Kelley + Eathan Janney & Brenden Mulligan 24 May 2023 • EN

Brenden Mulligan of PREMINT — The Web3 Allowlist Platform

Authenticity and trust bind NFT artists and collectors together. It is what makes this whole ecosystem work in the first place.  Having a Web3 allowlist makes it possible for artists to decide who joins their list and make sure it’s filled with real collectors, not bots. This is what PREMINT has been doing starting ear

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Web3 represents a new and revolutionary way of looking at how assets are owned in the world. And much of it comes with authenticity, a topic that Les Borsai so eloquently unpacks in this episode. Les is a serial entrepreneur and consultant specializing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. He co-founded Wave F

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Joshua Kriger + Jeff Kelley + Eathan Janney & Steve Aoki + Neil Strauss 23 Sep 2022 • EN

Steve Aoki & Neil Strauss @ NFT LA

Joining us today is a special guest with a keynote discussion coming straight from NFT LA. Steve Aoki is a world-renowned music producer and the Founder of Dim Mak Records. He is also a lifelong collector in dGen, and a Web3 trailblazer with A0K1VERSE, a new ecosystem bridging the metaverse with the real world. Steve s

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Joshua Kriger + Jeff Kelley + Eathan Janney & Keith Grossman 24 Aug 2022 • EN

Keith Grossman Of TIMEPieces & Pres @ TIME, Plus: Z-Hovac’s Animal Spirit NFTs, And More…

What are major companies and big industry players doing to enter the Web3 space? Joining us today is Keith Grossman, President at Time and Creator of the media brand's NFT business, TIMEPieces. He shares how he shifted Time's timeline in the most Web3 way imaginable and is now leading the way for legacy media companies

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Currently, the NFT buying experience remains fragmented and full of friction and risks. Typically, when a user buys an NFT, it begins with signing up for a wallet, funding it with crypto, and connecting it to one of the NFT marketplaces. Although the process may seem simple to crypto-savvy people, the complexity still

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Joshua Kriger + Jeff Kelley + Eathan Janney & Alex DiNunzio 30 Apr 2022 • EN

Alex DiNunzio Of Jambb & Comedian On NFTs In Comedy

Comedy is a space where technology and NFTs haven't touched yet. Until now. Jambb is the best source of comedy collectibles in the world. With Jambb, you'll be able to own and transform cultural and novel moments in the comedy space. You will have full utility and exclusivity akin to physical collectibles. If you're a

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