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Aaron Malone + Bryce Paul & Les Borsai 19 Jan 2023 • EN

Ep. 503 Investing in Crypto with a Fiduciary Duty

In this episode of Crypto 101 we talk to Les Borsai of Wave Financial who gives us a masterclass look at business through the real life experiences Les has had that led him to the Web3 universe.  We talk about disruption in the music industry from the creation of Napster for music distribution to the use of NFTs for to

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Web3 represents a new and revolutionary way of looking at how assets are owned in the world. And much of it comes with authenticity, a topic that Les Borsai so eloquently unpacks in this episode. Les is a serial entrepreneur and consultant specializing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. He co-founded Wave F

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Justin Shenkarow + John Kraski & Les Borsai 10 Mar 2022 • EN

#39: NFT Heat featuring Les Borsai, Co-Founder Wave Financial

This week we feature Les Borsai, the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Wave Financial and Partner for Wavemaker Genesis Labs. Wave Financial Group is a digital asset management firm combining venture capital, fund & wealth management competencies. Wavemaker Genesis brings an early-stage venture strategy to the

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Andy Pickering & Les Borsai 27 Oct 2021 • EN

The Wave - Building the first NFT Fund

Les Borsai is the Chief Strategy Officer at Wave Financial Group. Les began his career as a rave promoter in the Southern California underground scene of the late 1980s. Earlier this year Wave launched the world’s first-ever traditional NFT fund. Why you should listen: Les held positions at Avalon Attractions (now Live

41 min
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Joel Comm + Travis Wright & Les Borsai 16 Aug 2021 • EN

More or Less Talking Crypto with Les Borsai

More or Less Talking Crypto with Les Borsai Sometimes our listeners ask us to do more on certain crypto subject matter. We’ve heard you, and today we bring you less… Les Borsai that is. An LA-based tech entrepreneur and music promoter and manager, Les has been dabbling and creating in the blockchain space for a number

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