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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and National Border Patrol Union President Brandon Judd join the podcast to discuss the unprecedented ruling by the Supreme Court today allowing Texas state police the ability to arrest illegal immigrants who cross the Southern border. See Privacy Policy at an

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Sean Hannity & Ken Paxton 05 Mar 2024 • EN

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton - March 4th, Hour 3

Attorney General Ken Paxton of Texas, talks about the rule of law, the support from around the country from both American citizens and Governors for Texas to protect their border. While Biden is asleep at the switch and spending more time at Camp David, Paxton and his administration are protecting the people of Texas.

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton talks about how the immigration crisis is resonating with voters across the country. Paxton says it’s going to be hard for President Joe Biden to walk back three and a half years of “ignoring federal law and helping the cartels” in the coming months before the election. Additional inte

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton explains why it was important for his state to join conservative media outlets in a lawsuit against the U.S. State Department for allegedly facilitating and funding unconstitutional censorship. “The federal government has an obligation to defend the Constitution. In this case, they’re

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Charlie Kirk & Ken Paxton 21 Nov 2023 • EN

Are Republican AGs Finally Learning?

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton joins Charlie to highlight two new efforts to hold the left's biggest institutions accountable for their offenses against the American people and their rights. First, he discusses his investigation of Media Matters for its fraudulent attempts to destroy Elon Musk's X because of its pro

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton newly restored says his first order of business is to use the law to break apart a growing illegal immigrant colony north of Houston. Additional interview with former California Congressman Devin Nunes on RussiaGate breaking news of the emerging phots of former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yo

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