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John Lee Dumas & Julian Hosp 03 May 2021 • EN

How DeFi is Disrupting the Financial Space with Julian Hosp

Dr. Julian Hosp is one of the largest crypto influencer in the German-speaking world. He is a medical doctor and ex-professional athlete, CEO&co-founder of Cake, and chairman of DeFiChain Foundation. His vision is to bring blockchain awareness to a billion more people by 2025. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. Blockchain, DeFi, an

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In this episode, Steffy speaks with Dr. Julian Hosp, Blockchain expert and CEO of Cake DeFi. Cake DeFi is one of the pioneering platforms in the space, allowing users to get cashflow from their crypto. Unlike most of DeFi advocates, Julian is quite positive about Bitcoin, what he calls 'digital gold'. Given the recent

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Some of the biggest problems currently in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are that there is no easy way in or out of cryptocurrencies, and there are very few ways to spend cryptocurrencies all the time. TenX hopes to provide a solution to those problems with their mobile app and debit card, which allows users to spend the

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In order to make it easier for cryptocurrency holders to spend their coins in everyday transactions, TenX has created a mobile wallet, and connected it to a bank-licensed debit card. Users can load their debit card with cryptocurrency from their wallets–currently Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and ERC20 tokens–and spend thos

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