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Michelle Glogovac & Jane Friedman 21 Nov 2023 • EN

A Look At The Publishing Industry with Jane Friedman

In this episode of My Simplified Life, host Michelle Glogovac interviews Jane Friedman, a seasoned expert in the publishing industry. They delve into Jane's rich 25-year career, her views on traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing, and the transformative role of AI in the industry. Jane shares her experiences of AI's

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Jane Friedman is an icon in the publishing space. With over two decades of experience in the business, she is truly considered the world's leading expert on traditional publishing, self publishing and where the twain shall meet. She's the curator of The Hot Sheet, a biweekly paid newsletter, oversees a wildly popular b

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Joanna Penn & Jane Friedman 19 Dec 2022 • EN

Changes In Publishing With Jane Friedman

What has changed in the publishing industry over the last few years? What can authors learn from the DOJ vs PRH court case? How can mid-list authors thrive in uncertain times? Jane Friedman talks about these things and more. In the intro, USA Today list is on indefinite hiatus [US News]; Paid for bestseller list; […] T

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David Temple & Jane Friedman 11 Jul 2022 • EN

Jane Friedman, author of The Business of Being a Writer

On today's 75th and Bonus Episode of The Thriller Zone, we welcome Publishing Guru and author of The Business of Being a Writer, Jane Friedman. For those familiar with her work, Jane brings a vast knowledge of one of the key aspects of writing that many authors either don't know much about, or know about but have littl

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Thomas Umstattd & Jane Friedman 13 Jan 2021 • EN

How to Promote Literary Fiction With Jane Friedman

Marketing literary fiction is different than marketing genre fiction. Standard marketing practices don"t always work. In this article you"ll learn what does. You can find the blogpost version of this episode HERE. The post How to Promote Literary Fiction With Jane Friedman appeared first on Author Media. Support the Sh

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William Bernhardt & Jane Friedman 22 Apr 2019 • EN

The Business of Being a Writer with Jane Friedman

Bestselling writer William Bernhardt discusses the latest news from the world of books, offers writing tips, and interviews Jane Friedman about her new book, The Business of Being a Writer. News: 1) Tor introduces a new horror imprint. 2) Scribd offers new short-form works to its subscribers. 3) WattPad makes a deal wi

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