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On today’s special healthy Friday show, we’re joined by Dr. Simon Goddek, a biotechnologist and science journalist, who put out a viral thread asking why our grandparents were so much healthier. He goes through multiple factors of how government has worked with big pharma and food processors to tell us that what is goo

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Thomas Carrigan & Simon Goddek 01 Aug 2023 • EN

Who Is Peter Hotez? | Dr. Simon Goddek (TPC #1,316)

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Mike Farris & Simon Goddek 08 May 2023 • EN

Dr. Simon Goddek #605

Simon Goddek is a science journalist with a PhD in biotechnology that shares insights about health, nutrition, vitamin D, permaculture, and COVID madness. On the podcast he talks losing his job from posting on Twitter, vitamin D, property taxes in America, the independent media covering the Darien Gap, how climate chan

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Jeremy Nell & Simon Goddek 04 May 2023 • EN

Dr Simon Goddek on Jerm Warfare with Jeremy Nell - 05 May 2023

GUEST OVERVIEW: Dr Simon Goddek holds a PhD in biotechnology and systems thinking and follow a multidisciplinary scientific approach.

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Join me for an empowering discussion with Dr. Simon Goddek. Dr. Goddek's Substack: To learn more about investing in gold visit -, or call 720-605-3900 For high quality storable foods and seeds, visit and use promo code SETH to save 15% on y

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In 2021, Dr. Simon Goddek raised concerns about the unusually rapid peer-review approval process of Covid PCR tests, concluding in a Twitter thread that the processed appeared to be “rigged.” After going viral, Dr. Goddek was promptly banned from Twitter – and it took over a year for his account to be reinstated. Why s

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