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Maryanna Saenko joins the podcast to discuss how venture capital works, how to fund innovation, and what the fields of investing and philanthropy could learn from each other. You can read more about Maryanna's work at Timestamps: 00:00 How does venture capital work? 09:01 Failure and success for

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In this episode you will learn:Why does Future Ventures invest in only technology risk startups?Can a venture fund afford to build a portfolio of just deep tech startups while giving good returns? If so, how?Maryanna shares why she invests with an abundance mindset and why it’s important.3 questions that Maryanna asks

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Gopi Rangan & Maryanna Saenko 31 May 2022 • EN

Choose Investors Who Care

Maryanna Saenko, Co-founder and Partner at Future Ventures, talks about what attracts caring investors to venture capital. Maryanna shares examples of her successful investments in deep tech and gives useful tips to help technical founders convince the investor in the first meeting. In this episode, you’ll learn: 4:13

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Connie Loizo + Alex Gove & Maryanna Saenko + Steve Jurvetson 16 Jan 2021 • EN

Steve Jurvetson and Maryanna Saenko on Space, SPACs, and the Great Tech Exodus

Connie & Alex go over key this week"s tech stories and then chat with Steve Jurvetson and Maryanna Saenko of Future Ventures about their new fund as well as why space investing is too crowded these days, why SPACs are not as attractive as some might think, and why they are not among the many VCs who are moving to Austi

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