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David Axelrod & Fareed Zakaria 18 Apr 2024 • EN

Ep. 576 — Fareed Zakaria

According to Fareed Zakaria, we are living in an age of revolution, kindled by the converging factors of technological advancement, information proliferation, globalization, and cultural shifts. He joined David during a live taping of The Axe Files at the University Club of Chicago to talk about what he discovered in r

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Donny Deutsch & Fareed Zakaria 11 Apr 2024 • EN

Fareed Zakaria: Who would you trade places with?

This week Donny is joined by author, journalist, political commentator, and the host of CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS, Fareed Zakaria. Zakaria returns to On Brand for an in-depth discussion about the state of the country, what voters are looking for, the war in Gaza and his new book, "Age of Revolutions." Learn more about y

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CNN host, a Washington Post columnist and a veteran foreign policy observer Fareed Zakaria speaks with The Post's national security columnist Max Boot about his latest book, "Age of Revolutions," how Trumpism is impacting our democracy and how lessons from past revolutions can help us make sense of our current politica

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Fareed Zakaria, the host of Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN and a columnist for The Washington Post, joins Scott to break down the conflict in Israel, including the historical context that is needed to know and the implications that are to follow within the region and around the globe.  Follow Fareed on X, @FareedZakaria. Sc

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A lot about the world has changed since February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine. The war itself has brought a number of surprises, from the tenacity of Ukraine’s resistance to the limits of Western sanctions. Meanwhile, competition between the United States and China has escalated into something resembling a new Col

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Donny Deutsch & Fareed Zakaria 23 Feb 2023 • EN

Fareed Zakaria: Politics Is A Business

Donny is joined by journalist, political commentator, author, and the host of CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS, Fareed Zakaria. In this conversation, Zakaria discusses his love of the classic TV show, "I Love Lucy", losing his mother to Covid-19, how ChatGPT is causing a big shift, and how he views the country. Learn more abou

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