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Keyvan Davani & David Collum + Eric Voskuil + Erik Cason 21 Feb 2021 • EN

KDC #155: Bitcoin vs. Nation-States & Central Banks - with Dave Collum, Erik Cason, & Eric Voskuil

#Bitcoin  #NationStates #CentralBanks  #SelfSovereignty #Freedom    Dave Collum - Prof. of Organic Chemistry at Cornell Univ, Erik Cason - author on CryptoSovereignty & Bitcoiner, & Eric Voskuil- rational thinker & author of Cryptoeconomics, join me in this episode to talk about:   - Honeymoon Phase of Bitcoin   -The S

110 min
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Peter McCormack & Eric Voskuil 08 Oct 2019 • EN

Eric Voskuil is the Most Rational Bitcoiner

Location: Los Angeles Date: Friday, 26th September Project: Libbitcoin Role: Lead Developer Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the last ten years. It has the potential to disrupt entire states, overturn traditional financial institutions and change the way corporations do business. With so much potential and with

91 min
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Marty Bent & Eric Voskuil 11 Sep 2019 • EN

Tales from the Crypt #97: Eric Voskuil

Join Marty and Matt as they sit down with Eric Voskuil, lead maintainer of the libbitcoin Bitcoin implementation, as they discuss: - libbitcoin - Austrian Economics - Attack vectors - Eric's experience in the Navy  - How Bitcoin fails  - Dust - much more  Check out the libbitcoin Wiki:

113 min
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Keyvan Davani & Eric Voskuil + Raoul Pal + Robert Breedlove 09 Aug 2019 • EN

KDC #21: Interview and Panel-Discussion with Raoul Pal, Robert Breedlove, and Eric Voskuil on Bitcoin.

Raoul Pal, Robert Breedlove, and Eric Voskuil join me in this special episode and panel-discussion to discuss and share their thoughts, knowledge, comprehension, perspectives, and vision in connection with the macro-economical, geopolitical, and fundamental question and essence of "Why Bitcoin?".  Here some of the disc

68 min
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Eric Voskuil (lead developer of libbitcoin and Cryptoeconomics author) joins me to talk about his views on Austrian economics, Murray Rothbard, Fractional vs Full Reserve Banking. We also chat about “Jurisdictional Arbitrage” from his Cryptoeconomics github pages.  Eric Voskuil links: Twitter:

67 min
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I had a fascinating "down-the-rabbit-hole":) talk with Erik Voskuil, Co-Founder of Bitware Co. and lead developer etc.  (check out his CV).  Definitely worth listening to this total Podcast-Episode from beginning to end. (2.5 hours:).   Point discussed in connection with Bitcoin:  Stock-to-Flow-Ratio / Inflation / Scar

144 min
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