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Azeem Azhar & Eric Topol 17 Jan 2024 • EN

The Challenges and Benefits of Generative AI in Health Care

Generative AI has a lot to offer health care professionals and medical scientists. This week, host Azeem Azhar speaks with renowned cardiologist, scientist, and author Eric Topol about the change he’s observed among his colleagues in the last two years, as generative AI developments have accelerated in medicine.

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Alan Alda & Eric Topol 16 May 2023 • EN

Eric Topol: A Covid Reckoning

With the national state of emergency for Covid-19 now officially over, we invited physician and author Topol to reflect on his experience writing a regular online newsletter attempting to counter the misinformation flooding the internet. Called Ground Truths, it takes an unsparing dive into what went right and what wen

40 min
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Chris Anderson & Eric Topol 29 Sep 2022 • EN

Can AI make healthcare human again? with Eric Topol

Eric Topol is a leading health expert whose writing and explainers about Covid-19 have helped people better understand the complexities of the global pandemic. As a doctor, author, and one of the most cited researchers in medicine, Eric has dedicated his time to thinking about the human genome and how digital tools lik

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It's important to recognize that when we're dealing with a very new or rapidly changing phenomenon, like we have been with the pandemic, even the "scientific consensus" can easily be wrong because there's not been much time for the rigorous replicability studies to be conducted or even sometimes to accurately measure t

31 min
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Andrew Keen & Eric Topol 18 Dec 2021 • EN

Dr. Eric Topol on Ground Truths and COVID-19

In this episode of “Keen On”, Andrew is joined by Dr. Eric Topol, Substack's newest writer in residence. Eric Topol is an American cardiologist, scientist, and award winning author. He is the founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute and a senior consultant at the Division of Cardiovascular D

40 min
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Sam Harris & Eric Topol 23 Jul 2021 • EN

#256 — A Contagion of Bad Ideas

Sam Harris speaks with Eric Topol about vaccine hesitancy and related misinformation. They discuss the problem of political and social siloing, concerns about mRNA vaccines, the Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA, the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines, vaccine efficacy vs effectiveness, the Delta variant, the mis

86 min
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