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Alexandra Kaschuta & Eric Kaufmann 06 Sep 2023 • EN

Eric Kaufmann - Demographics and the Destiny of the West

We speak about his long-standing interest in the demographic crisis, the religious inheriting the earth, expressive individualism and egalitarianism as the acid preparing the fall of Anglo-America, being a liberal National Conservative, negative vs. positive liberty under NatCon, liberals voting for diversity but livin

73 min
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Topics covered include tribalism, coalitional thinking, evolutionary psychology, populism, wokeism, cultural socialism, the banning of ideas, the attack on tenure, and Ron DeSantis. Eric's website: _______________________________________ If you appreciate my work and would like to support it: http

57 min
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Brian Chau & Eric Kaufmann 12 Sep 2022 • EN

Eric Kaufmann: Whiteshift and the Coming Realignment

Eric Kaufmann is a professor at Birkbeck, University of London, a columnist at Unherd and the author of Whiteshift.  Twitter: Unherd: Whiteshift: 0:00 is race overra

119 min
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Jack Murphy & Eric Kaufmann 24 Jun 2022 • EN

Eric Kaufmann - JML #093 - Race and Sexuality in America

Is America becoming gayer? Is White replacement real? What is the history and the implications of demographic change in America?  What are the root causes of political difference today? Is our polarization a result of psychological differences? Is LGBTQ making people mentally ill? Eric Kaufmann and I touch on all these

102 min
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Bradford McArthur & Eric Kaufmann 03 Jan 2022 • EN

Radicalization Creates Radicalization with Eric Kaufmann - Ep. 043

Eric Kaufmann is a Professor of Politics at the University of London where he helps walk us through how we got here and where we might be headed. Lyn Alden on the Petro-Dollar: Keith Dicker explains why the US Dollar is King: Jim Rogers on the Rise of China: htt

61 min
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For those asking for a longer episode, here you go!  Dr. Debra Soh is joined by Professor Eric Kaufmann (Birkbeck College, University of London) to discuss how the woke overtook academia; the death of academic freedom; and whether "Latinx" is helpful.  Read Prof Kaufmann’s report:

59 min
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