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Joel Beasley & David Singleton 28 Jun 2023 • EN

TECH TITANS: Mastering Hybrid Culture with David Singleton, CTO at Stripe

Today we have an episode of our newest podcast, Tech Titans. It features summary episodes of our best leadership advice from Modern CTO. David Singleton, CTO of Stripe, joins us in this episode to share his greatest leadership advice on how he cultivated a strong hybrid work culture and how his experience growing up in

20 min
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Lenny Rachitsky & David Singleton 04 May 2023 • EN

Building a culture of excellence | David Singleton (CTO of Stripe)

Brought to you by Mixpanel—Product analytics that everyone can trust, use, and afford | Eppo—Run reliable, impactful experiments | Braintrust—For when you needed talent, yesterday — David Singleton is Chief Technology Officer at Stripe, where he oversees engineering and design teams. Since joining Stripe, David has hel

89 min
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Today we are talking to David Singleton, the CTO at Stripe. And we discuss the operating principles that have led to their success and growth, why Stripe views themselves as an infrastructure company, and valuable tips for running a hybrid remote culture. All of this, right here, right now, on the Modern CTO Podcast

56 min
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