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Today we have an episode of our newest podcast, Tech Titans. It features summary episodes of our best leadership advice from Modern CTO. Robert Zuber, CTO at CircleCI, joins us in this episode to share his greatest leadership advice on how to lead a team to connect value to the customer, and his own journey to the posi

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Joel Beasley & Rob Zuber 18 Jul 2022 • EN

Upleveling Your Software Team with Rob Zuber, CTO of CircleCI

Today we’re talking to Rob Zuber, CTO of CircleCI; and we discuss how to uplevel your software teams, why teaching and mentoring others is beneficial to your own skills, and how the best way to have quality software is to move quickly and deploy often. All of this right here, right now, on the Modern CTO Podcast!  Chec

46 min
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Patrick Wheeler + Jason Gauci & Rob Zuber 13 Nov 2019 • EN

Continuous Integration

Most developers that I know use CircleCI every single day. It's both an honor and an amazing experience to learn about continuous integration and continuous deployment from Rob Zuber, CTO of CircleCI. We also cover a range of topics from staying motivated to working remotely. If you ever plan on writing software with a

113 min
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Joel Beasley & Rob Zuber 28 Aug 2019 • EN

#125 Rob Zuber - CTO at CircleCI

Today we are talking to Rob Zuber, the CTO at CircleCI. And we discuss how to leverage peer groups as you experience different stages of growth, solving the challenges of a distributed organization, and how to amplify your culture by aligning praise with company values. All of this, right here, right now, on the Modern

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