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Doug Sandler + Strickland Bonner & Kirk Michie 11 Dec 2023 • EN

Kirk Michie: Selling Your Company The Right Way

Prior to establishing Candor Advisors, Kirk Michie accumulated three decades' worth of experience collaborating with founders and families to address their strategic objectives and help them to achieve better outcomes. Over his career, Michie raised and allocated over $1 billion in capital, while actively participating

35 min
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Alex Sanfilippo & Doug Sandler 04 Jul 2023 • EN

The Art of Podcast Monetization | Doug Sandler

When it comes to podcast monetization, many of us look in the wrong places to drive revenue with our podcasts. In this episode, Doug Sandler explains 4 often-overlooked opportunities for podcast monetization and how to create a successful strategy that aligns with your values. Don"t miss out on the hidden potential of

12 min
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Strickland Bonner + Doug Sandler & Jeremy Richards 19 Jun 2023 • EN

Jeremy Richards: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Jeremy Richards is the bestselling author of The Accomplished Creative: Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Forge Courage, and Tap Into Limitless Creativity – with a who’s who of clients including Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks he’s here to share his message today.   Connect with Jeremy Richards: Website: www.jeremyrichards.

30 min
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Doug Sandler + Strickland Bonner & Wendy Weiss 05 Jun 2023 • EN

Wendy Weiss: Sell More

Imagine being able to sell more and on top of that sell with great peace of mind because sales come more predictably. Wendy Weiss is the founder of the Salesology® Prospecting Method that generates predictable sales revenue. She is an author, speaker, sales trainer and sales coach and is recognized as a leading authori

24 min
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Dave Lukas & Doug Sandler 31 May 2023 • EN

Nice Guys Finish First and 3 Pillars of Success with Doug Sandler

This week’s Misfit Entrepreneur is Doug Sandler. You may have heard of Doug before as he is the co-host of the Nice Guys on Business podcast which has over 1400 episodes and 5M+ downloads. Doug and I actually go back a ways having shared the stage at several different events over the years. He has an awesome story and

42 min
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Strickland Bonner + Doug Sandler & Tyler Murray 15 May 2023 • EN

Tyler Murray: Don’t Build Your Empire On Rented Land

Ecommerce pioneer and customer experience trailblazer Tyler Murray is co-founder of GhostRetail, the world’s first free shoppable video solution for global brands. Since the birth of the internet in 1993, Tyler has been leading digital innovation for some of the world’s most recognizable companies and icons, including

26 min
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