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Desmond Child 23 Nov 2023 • EN

Desmond Child/ Stavros Batras

World-Renowned Producer/Songwriter Desmond Child (over 300 million records sold, 80 Top 40 Hits) and Actor/Comedian Stavros Batras join us on this episode of The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell broadcast live from the W4CY studios on Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023. Support this podcast at —

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Dax Shepard & Trevor Noah 13 Nov 2023 • EN

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah (What Now, The Daily Show) is a comedian, writer, and podcaster. Trevor joins the Armchair Expert to discuss why silence scares him, people’s aversion to being blamed, and how language helps you get to the granularity of meaning. Trevor and Dax discuss the false idea that you have to consume the news all th

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Dax Shepard & Becky Kennedy 16 Nov 2023 • EN

Dr. Becky Kennedy (psychologist on parenting)

Dr. Becky Kennedy (Good Inside) is a clinical psychologist and author. Becky joins the Armchair Expert to discuss why she wants to help people understand themselves through their kids, why some traditional parenting techniques aren’t effective, and how to set boundaries with your children. Dr. Becky and Dax talk about

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Dax Shepard & Adam Grant 26 Oct 2023 • EN

Adam Grant Returns Again

Adam Grant (Hidden Potential) is an organizational psychologist, professor, and author. Adam joins the Armchair Expert again to discuss how much he misses his family when on a book tour, how most people achieve their goals by being motivated, and the most effective way to teach someone a new language. Adam and Dax talk

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Dax Shepard & Dan Ariely 02 Nov 2023 • EN

Dan Ariely (on behavioral economics)

Dan Ariely is a social scientist, professor, and author. Dan joins the Armchair Expert to discuss why people often want to regulate other’s behavior, what factors can affect workplace employees’ motivations, and how people live in different realities from each other. Dan and Dax talk about the funnel of misbelief, what

120 min
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