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Dax Shepard & Ted Danson + Woody Harrelson 22 Jul 2024 • EN

Woody Harrelson & Ted Danson

Woody Harrelson and Ted Danson (Where Everybody Knows Your Name) are award-winning actors. Woody and Ted join the Armchair Expert to discuss working together on Cheers, their brotherly relationship, and how much shame pains them. Woody talks about his motorcycle accident, how his ambitions have evolved, and why he does

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Dax Shepard & Ramani Durvasula 23 May 2024 • EN

Ramani Durvasula (on narcissism)

Ramani Durvasula (It’s Not You: Identifying and Healing from Narcissistic People) is a clinical psychologist and author. Ramani joins the Armchair Expert to discuss why it’s so difficult to study narcissism, why she thinks it’s good for therapists to be in therapy too, and the dark tetrad of personality. Ramani and Dax

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Send us a Text Message. Thank you for tuning in!  On this episode, I am joined once again by Brieanna Wilkoff and Jason Lady as the two authors face off in a friendly game of "80s and "90s Trivia!  Both of them have been so encouraging and supportive of the show.  Enjoy! At the end of this episode, I mentioned a few po

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Zuby & Adam Carolla 25 Apr 2024 • EN

#307 Adam Carolla - Comedic Pragmatism

Comedian Adam Carolla joins Zuby to discuss his upbringing, his start in comedy, and shares his thoughts on the political and cultural landscape in the US today. Adam Carolla is an American radio personality, comedian, actor, podcaster, and NY Times Best Selling Author. Timestamps: (00:00) Introduction (08:21) Adam’s s

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Dax Shepard & Phillip Heath 25 Apr 2024 • EN

Phil Heath (professional bodybuilder)

Phil Heath (Breaking Olympia) is a 7x Mr. Olympia winner and professional bodybuilder. Phil joins the Armchair Expert to discuss what his diet is like, how he lost his innocence at an early age, and his journey into bodybuilding. Phil and Dax talk about their admiration for Arnold Schwarzenegger, how they learned to co

128 min
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Dax Shepard & Jason Bateman 12 Feb 2024 • EN

Jason Bateman Returns Again

Jason Bateman (SmartLess, Ozark, Arrested Development) is an actor, director, producer, and podcaster. Jason joins the Armchair Expert to revisit the wiping debate, reveal he’s a Capricorn, and explore why he distances himself from his intellect. Jason and Dax discuss how much they enjoy being with someone who’s the op

137 min
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