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Josh Lewis & Bryan Baise 12 Jan 2021 • EN

Bonus Episode – Remembering Roger Scruton with Bryan Baise

One year ago today, on January 12, 2020, Sir Roger Scruton died at the age of 75.  Thus passed one of the greatest intellectual minds of the past century.  Scruton was an English philosopher and writer who specialized in aesthetics and political philosophy.  He wrote over 50 books on philosophy, art, music, politics, l

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Josh Lewis & Bryan Baise 01 Oct 2019 • EN

Episode 41 - Why Beauty Matters with Bryan Baise

Does beauty matter?  Very much so!  But why does it matter?  What does beauty do for us?  For that matter, what is beauty?  Bryan Baise—Saving Elephant’s first out-of-state guest to make a repeat appearance of the podcast—joins host Josh Lewis to attempt to untangle why beauty matters.   How we think about beauty can i

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Josh Lewis & Bryan Baise 19 Feb 2019 • EN

Episode 25 - Developing Your Worldview with Bryan Baise

How developed is your worldview?  How deep does it go?  Have you taken the time to rigorously study and challenge your belief system or have you—like most of us—struggled to find the time as so many other important things in life have kept you busy?   The pathway most of us take as we develop and mature is to adopt the

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