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Kevin McDonald & Bill Abernathy 07 May 2022 • EN

Bill Abernathy- Singer songwriter

With over 2,000,000 streams world wide, Bill is a terrific story teller through music! In this wide ranging conversation we talk about the music and play his latest hits! A great fun time.

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Music Ally & Bill Abernathy 01 Feb 2022 • EN

Bill Abernathy, A Chip Off The Old Block

Everyone loves a good story about second-chances, and that’s exactly what Bill Abernathy’s story is all about.  The Kansas City, Missouri resident began writing songs in his early teens.  He played all through his school years, but then he stopped...Life took over. His last album, 2017’s “Find A Way” reached #5 on the

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As part of the MTS New Music Showcase…Kansas City singer/songwriter Bill Abernathy is back with a new album "Who Are You (Who Am I)" featuring "More Than Meets the Eye" and "A Thousand Wild Horses" and the title track! Check out his music at ! #billabernathy #singer #songwriter #kansascity #missou

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Matt Nappo & Bill Abernathy 22 Nov 2020 • EN

Bill Abernathy - More Than Meets The Eye - New Single Sponsors: Promo Code minddog

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Matt Nappo & Bill Abernathy 12 Nov 2020 • EN

Bill Abernathy - Lyrical Storyteller - Americana Music Sponsors: Promo Code minddog promo code minddogtv

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