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Music Ally & Badd Karmal 21 Feb 2023 • EN

Badd Karmal, The Slow Motion Suicide Sequel

Guess who's back! Badd Karmal! Looks like karma did it again hahaha! Anyway he's back tonight to talk about his new EP, SlowMotionSuicide, challenges in the music industry, a little catch up with life, and much more in this all out interview! As a plus, you will get a chance to listen to 2 of the songs from the EP as o

47 min
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Music Ally & GaminTricks 17 Dec 2022 • EN

GamingTricks, Him Versus The World

What a crazy saturday (or for moms and college students, a normal kind lol) with traffic, rain, and a new interview, WOW! Seriously, welcome to a new episode with GamingTricks. Tonight we discuss his new debut project, Me Vs. The World, production and songwriting techniques, and experiences as a musician. Make sure to

39 min
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Music Ally & Omar Victor 24 Mar 2022 • EN

Omar Victor, Underrated Act In Beats

Today's special guest is one of the most underrated acts out today! Please welcome Omar Victor or known for beats, "NYTEMARE or NYTEM.ARE"! We talk lots about production advice, music experiences, and lots of fun and joy to share all around! If you into more music or just need something to do, check out what he also ha

40 min
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Music Ally & Hellzkichin 22 Feb 2022 • EN

Hellzkichin, Fire Igniter With Son

Hellzkichin Is a Rap Artist, Known For His Keen Lyrics and Rhythmic Flow That Will Put Fans on The Edge of Their Seat with Insatiable Desire for More. Today we all about music from experiences to new releases coming and already released! His son even makes an appearance! Make sure to give this guy the platform he deser

64 min
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Music Ally & Badd Karmal 17 Feb 2022 • EN

Badd Karmal, A Rapper Extraordinaire

bADD Karmal is our starlight for this one! A rapper extraordinaire who's ready to take the world by storm! Today we talk inspirations, new music, and lots more! If you wanna help boost his career, make sure to show some love and check him out!  Links to music and socials: 

41 min
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Music Ally & Really Khalil 13 Feb 2022 • EN

Extra! Extra! Read All About Really Khalil

Self-produced artist, Really Khalil conquered homelessness while seeking solitude in his music. Now, he is the first Hip Hop artist ever to issue and sell investing securities to the public through the SEC registered investment platform, Music Benefactors. In Savannah, Georgia, Khalil's sultry vocals and urban vibes ar

103 min
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