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Republicans in the House recently struck a deal with the Biden administration to raise the debt ceiling. But Washington debates over discretionary spending shouldn't overshadow the hard conversations we need to have about America's entitlement spending. Andrew Biggs joins this episode of Political Economy to discuss hi

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Phoebe Keller + Robert Doar & Andrew Biggs 28 Mar 2023 • EN

Andrew Biggs on Social Security

Andrew Biggs is a senior fellow at the AEI, where he studies Social Security reform, pensions, and public sector pay and benefits. Andrew joins Phoebe and Robert to discuss Social Security solvency, privatizing Social Security, introducing minimum benefits, and implementing mandatory retirement-plan coverage and partic

49 min
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Christine Benz + Jeff Ptak & Andrew Biggs 26 May 2021 • EN

Andrew Biggs: Create a Thrift Savings Plan for the Masses

We’ve been exploring the state of retirement in the United States on The Long View. Last week, we talked with progressive labor economist Teresa Ghilarducci. On this week’s episode, we chatted with Andrew Biggs, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. He is more sanguine about the state of retirement in

52 min
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