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Ben Lorica & Percy Liang 19 Jan 2023 • EN

Evaluating Language Models

Percy Liang is Associate Professor of Computer Science and Statistics, and Director of the new Center for Research on Foundation Models at Stanford University. We discussed a new suit of tools (HELM) designed to help users and researchers understand language models in their totality. We also discuss recent trends in AI

45 min
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Ben Lorica & Christopher Nguyen 27 Oct 2022 • EN

Building Safe and Reliable AI applications

Christopher Nguyen is CEO and cofounder of Aitomatic, a startup that uses a knowledge-first approach to build and deploy machine learning solutions, with a focus on industrial applications (manufacturing and other physical settings). Join us at K1st World, a fantastic symposium and networking event slated for November

30 min
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Ben Lorica & Jeremiah Lowin 19 May 2022 • EN

Dataflow Automation

Jeremiah Lowin is co-founder and CEO of Prefect, the company behind the popular open source data workflow orchestration system with the same name. We discussed the major design changes in Prefect 2.0, their move towards treating “code as workflows”, data engineering challenges facing data and ML teams today, and implic

46 min
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Ben Lorica & Leo Meyerovich 10 Mar 2022 • EN

The Graph Intelligence Stack

Leo Meyerovich is founder and CEO of Graphistry, a startup building tools to democratize visual graph intelligence and graph machine learning. Leo and I recently wrote a well-received post (“What Is Graph Intelligence?”) making the case for why companies need to revisit graph analytics and graph intelligence. Download

37 min
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Ben Lorica & Gaurav Chakravorty 20 Jan 2022 • EN

Machine Learning at Discord

Gaurav Chakravorty, is a Senior Manager at  Discord, where he leads the team responsible for machine learning models in the area of search and notification. Prior to discord Gaurav was a manager at Google where he led the team responsible for personalized podcast recommendations. Download the FREE Report: Trends in Dat

40 min
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Ben Lorica & Christopher Nguyen 16 Dec 2021 • EN

What is AI Engineering?

Christopher Nguyen is CEO and co-founder of Aitomatic, a startup building a platform for Industrial AI applications. Christopher previously held executive and leadership roles at organizations tasked with building machine learning solutions for traditional enterprises. Our conversation centered around what Christopher

32 min
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