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Today I am speaking with Ben Jones, Director at the Optimism Foundation and one of the visionary co-founders behind Optimism. Optimism is a rapidly emerging Layer 2 blockchain, purpose-built by Ethereum developers for Ethereum developers. Ben is a well-known figure in the space, recognized for his dynamic and engaging

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Ryan Sean Adams & Ben Jones 28 Aug 2023 • EN

185 - The Superchain Explained with Jesse Pollak & Ben Jones

On today’s episode we brought on repeat Bankless guests, Ben Jones, Co-Founder of Optimism and Creator of Base, Jesse Pollock.  ------ ✨ DEBRIEF | Ryan & David unpacking the episode:  ----- Base! Coinbase’s Layer 2 has almost hit 1 million users in 2 weeks. It has more transa

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Our guest today is Ben Jones, CEO of Haus Labs by Lady Gaga. Haus Labs by Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga’s clean artistry makeup brand powered by innovation. Here's some of the questions I ask: How did you meet Lady Gaga and what was your first impression? and can you tell me about the founding story of what was originally Hau

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Laura Shin & Kain Warwick + Ben Jones 10 May 2022 • EN

Will Optimism's OP Token Draw People Back to Layer 2s on Ethereum?

Kain Warwick, founder of Synthetix, and Ben Jones, cofounder and chief scientist at Optimism Foundation, discuss the current state of Ethereum Layer 2s, Optimism’s new governance structure, why Synthetix chose to build on Optimism, and more. Show topics: what Optimism and Synthetix are how zero-knowledge rollups differ

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Shannon McLay & Ben Jones 07 Jun 2019 •

Educounting with Ben Jones

Ben Jones, Entrepreneur and Financial Educator who is equally passionate about financial literacy as I am, joins me to talk about resources he’s created to help people of all ages, especially children, become financially literate. If you have any topics you would like for me to cover on this podcast, I encourage you to

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Trevor Burrus + Aaron Ross Powell & Ben Jones 18 Mar 2014 • EN

The Death Penalty

Does the death penalty make us safer? Should the state be given the ultimate power to decide matters of life and death? Given the data on innocents that have been sentenced to die, how skeptical of the death penalty should we be? Ben Jones joins Aaron Powell and Trevor Burrus to help answer these questions. Jones is a

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