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Shaan Puri + Sam Parr & Austin Rief 24 Jan 2024 • EN

Brainstorming +$1M Weird Business Ideas With Morning Brew’s CEO

Episode 543: Shaan Puri ( and Sam Parr ( talk to Morning Brew founder Austin Rief ( ). In this episode, the three amigos of newsletters are brainstorming weird business ideas like Gen Z Bingo, Binge-Eating Bars, and Meat Influenc

62 min
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Danny Miranda & Austin Rief 16 Jan 2023 • EN

#302: Austin Rief – The Morning Brew CEO

Austin Rief is the cofounder and CEO of Morning Brew - a daily newsletter with over 4 million subscribers. In this conversation, Austin spoke about his content diet, who he admires, the one podcast everyone needs to listen to if they’re creating a startup, why he’s taking Twitter seriously in 2023, and much more. (0:00

50 min
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Episode 398: Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (@TheSamParr) talk to Morning Brew Founder & CEO Austin Rief (@austin_rief) about building, growing and selling a newsletter valued at $75M in 5 years, whether newsletter businesses are still worth doing, how to make them succeed, and a few good side hustle ideas to start

78 min
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Erik Torenberg & Nik Sharma + Austin Rief 30 Mar 2021 • EN

The State of Direct-To-Consumer in 2021 with Austin Rief and Nik Sharma

Austin Rief (@austin_rief), co-founder of Morning Brew, and Nik Sharma (@mrsharma), investor, advisor, and operator at Sharma Brands, join Erik to discuss: - Their direct-to-consumer investment theses. - Interesting ways that media companies are starting to get into commerce, like the hockey podcast that created a best

42 min
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Guy Raz & Alex Lieberman + Austin Rief 04 Mar 2021 •

How I Built Resilience: Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief of Morning Brew

Six years ago, Morning Brew started out as a fun business newsletter Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief wrote for their classmates out of their University of Michigan dorm room. The company now has over 2.5 million subscribers with multiple newsletters and a podcast, and last year Business Insider paid about 75 million dol

30 min
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David Perell & Alex Lieberman + Austin Rief 08 Jun 2020 • EN

Austin Rief & Alex Lieberman: Morning Brew’s Secret Sauce

I have two guests this week: Austin Rief and Alex Lieberman, the founders of Morning Brew. Their business-focused daily email newsletter now has more than 2 million readers. These two gentlemen started the company in college while studying at the University of Michigan. It began as a simple idea — to make business news

81 min
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