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KMO & Adam Izdebski 28 Jul 2022 • EN

010 The Age of Consilience with Dr Adam Izdebski

Dr Adam Izdebski is a paleo-scientist and historian. He leads a multi-disciplinary research group at the Max Planck Institute which explores climate change, historical epidemics and their causes, the economy of past European societies, early attempts at regional integration and their traces in today's landscape, and ma

70 min
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Lee Mordechai + Merle Eisenberg & Adam Izdebski 01 Jul 2022 • EN

Episode 93 - Pollen, infectious disease and the Black Death with Adam Izdebski

Adam Izdebski (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History) joins the Infectious Historians to discuss his work at the frontier between pollen and disease, and in particular in light of his recent work analyzing pollen from the time of the Black Death. The conversation begins with an introduction to palynolog

63 min
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