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Zach Shahan + Michael Barnard & Aaron Smith 17 Oct 2022 • EN

Ford F-150 Lightning & Mustang Mach-E Magic — Owner Interview

Aaron Smith, CEO of the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA), recently took delivery of his Ford F-150 Lightning, and he already used it to power some essentials during an electricity outage, and also some of his neighbors' stuff. However, first, we talked about his experiences with his other EV, the Ford

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Kate Cherichello & Aaron Smith 25 Mar 2022 • EN

Ep. 42: Aaron Smith, Escaping The Odds Media

Aaron Smith joins me from Chicago. And he has an incredible story of, as his company name states, Escaping The Odds. While in jail for nearly a decade, Aaron had a complete mindset shift, and, with God at the helm,  is now an entrepreneur, podcast producer, and mentor working tirelessly to help change the narrative of

17 min
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Josh Elledge & Aaron Smith 30 Nov 2021 • EN

997 - Fintech That Helps With Student Loans with Savi's Aaron Smith

Focusing on Loan Forgiveness With us today is Aaron Smith, the Co-Founder of Savy Savy is a fintech that helps people better manage and understand their student loan debt. The TurboTax for your student loans. Savy will be there for you to help throughout the 5 to 15 years it might take you to pay down your student loan

21 min
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Michael Levitt & Aaron Smith 06 May 2020 • EN

Featured Interview with Blank Check Author Aaron Smith

Repeat guest Aaron Smith joins Michael to discuss the new book Blank Check:  This intriguing, inspirational Young Adult novel takes place on a fictional U.S. island, but the story that evolves could help reshape public schools in America. Challenges young adults to think outside the box and care enough about how childr

Michael Levitt & Aaron Smith 15 Jul 2019 • EN

Interview with Aaron Smith

Having been in education for 21 years, I’ve seen it all. Children living in poverty, homelessness, bullying, child abuse, incompetent teachers, and uncaring educators towards their students. Seeing this too often prompted me to write my second book that hinges on one question…”what does it take to build the perfect pub

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