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Perry Carpenter (author of, "Transformational Security Awareness: What Neuroscientists, Storytellers, and Marketers Can Teach Us About Driving Secure Behaviors" and host of the "8th Layer Insights" podcast) currently serves as Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer for KnowBe4, the world's most popular security awareness and simulated phishing platform. Previously, Perry led security awareness, security culture management, and anti-phishing behavior management research at Gartner Research, in addition to covering areas of IAM strategy, CISO Program Management mentoring, and Technology Service Provider success strategies. With a long career as a security professional and researcher, Mr. Carpenter has broad experience in North America and Europe, providing security consulting and advisory services for many of the best-known global brands. Perry holds a Master of Science in Information Assurance (MSIA) from Norwich University in Vermont and is a Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO).

Perry Carpenter's Interviews

Perry Carpenter & Marta L. Tellado 13 Dec 2022 • EN

Your Life, Their Profit: Buyer Awareness in the 21st Century

On this episode, Perry sits down with Marta L. Tellado, President and CEO at Consumer Reports, to discuss the digital moment we are in and what that means for consumers and the marketplace: the risks, dangers, traps… and also the places and paths that can lead to progress. They also discuss Marta's new book, Buyer Awar

51 min
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Perry Carpenter & Jenny Radcliffe 18 Oct 2022 • EN

Social Engineering and Breaking into Stuff with Jenny Radcliffe

On this episode, Perry sits down with Jenny Radcliffe (a.k.a. The People Hacker). Jenny is a well-known speaker, podcaster, professional social engineer, and physical penetration tester… in other words, she’s a social engineer who specializes not only in tricking people into doing things they shouldn’t do… but she also

36 min
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Perry Carpenter & Mikko Hyppönen 06 Sep 2022 • EN

If It's Smart, It's Vulnerable: a Conversation with Mikko Hyppönen

In this episode, Perry sits down with Mikko Hyppönen for a wide ranging discussion about the history, current state, and future of cybersecurity. We also discuss Mikko's new book, the title of which is derived from Hyppönen's Law: If It's Smart, It's Vulnerable. Guest: Mikko Hyppönen (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Web) Books &

49 min
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Tanner Campbell & Perry Carpenter 02 Dec 2021 • EN

That's the cup of a (Perry) Carpenter [#MAPT]

Perry Carpenter is an accomplished professional in the Cyber Security world. An author, a speaker, and, somewhat recently, a podcasters. His podcast approaches the issues and threats of Cyber Security from the human perspective - the psychology of the biggest risk in cyber security: human beings.

21 min
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Perry Carpenter & Bruce Schneier 20 Jul 2021 • EN

Going Meta: A Conversation and AMA with Bruce Schneier

In this episode, Perry Carpenter interviews cybersecurity guru Bruce Schneier. Perry and Bruce explore how cybersecurity is about so much more than technology — It’s about people, so we benefit by taking a multidisciplinary approach.  In preparing for this interview, Perry solicited his LinkedIn network to see what que

54 min
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