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Gabe Woolley
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Gabe Woolley
My name is Gabe Woolley , I am a teacher and the host in creative Director of the Rescue Clayton Podcast. In 2018, my nephew, Elijah Woolley at 14 months old died unexpectedly in his crib from SIDS. Wagoner county Oklahoma officials descended on the scene and a bias Detective proclaimed murder and child sexual abuse before he even stepped foot on the scene. Clayton Woolley at five years old was taken from his home as a result. Despite all charges being dropped and innocence being proven, Clayton has not been returned or allowed any contact with his family. This is a story of guilty until proven, innocent, fabricated, evidence, withheld evidence, and a legal kidnapping. This podcast contained interviews with professionals as they pertain to the Rescue Clayton story and more under the categories of; DHS/CPS, Education, Law, Ethical Media, and Child/Family Psychology. This, is The Rescue Clayton Podcast. A production by Morton Media.

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