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My name is Gabe Woolley, I am a teacher and the host in creative Director of The Rescue Clayton Podcast . In 2018, my nephew, Elijah Woolley at 14 months old died unexpectedly in his crib from SIDS. Wagoner county Oklahoma officials descended on the scene and a bias Detective proclaimed murder and child sexual abuse before he even stepped foot on the scene. Clayton Woolley at five years old was taken from his home as a result. Despite all charges being dropped and innocence being proven, Clayton has not been returned or allowed any contact with his family. This is a story of guilty until proven, innocent, fabricated, evidence, withheld evidence, and a legal kidnapping. This podcast contained interviews with professionals as they pertain to the Rescue Clayton story and more under the categories of; DHS/CPS, Education, Law, Ethical Media, and Child/Family Psychology. This, is The Rescue Clayton Podcast. A production by Morton Media.

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