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David Temple & Tod Goldberg 26 Dec 2023 • EN

Tod Goldberg author of Gangsters Don't Die

The Thriller Zone Podcast Episode Synopsis On this exciting episode of The Thriller Zone, host David Temple welcomes author Todd Goldberg to discuss his latest novel, "Gangsters Don't Die." David introduces Todd as one of the funniest, most engaging, and educated authors to ever grace the podcast. They dive into a vari

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Patrick Millikin in conversation with Lee Goldberg and Tod Goldberg

81 min
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Brad Listi & Tod Goldberg 24 Mar 2021 • EN

698. Tod Goldberg

Tod Goldberg is the guest. His critically acclaimed new story collection, The Low Desert, is available from Counterpoint. This is Tod's third time on the program. He first appeared in Episode 320 on October 12, 2014, and again in Episode 488, on October 18, 2017. Goldberg is the author of more than a dozen books, inclu

102 min
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Rolf Potts & Tod Goldberg 17 Dec 2019 • EN

Christmas Special: Sears Wish Book

“The Sears Christmas Wish Book was, for me, a kind of foundational text — a secular counterpoint to the Bible stories I learned around that time in Sunday School. I paged through the holiday catalog’s 620 glossy pages as if they amounted to an intoxicating graphic novel of desire, rich with abundance and possibility.”

52 min
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Rolf Potts & Tod Goldberg 16 Jan 2018 • EN

Novelist Tod Goldberg

“To be creative, you have to live. You have to exist on this planet for a little bit” – Tod Goldberg Tod Goldberg (@todgoldberg) is an American author and essayist, best known for his novels Gangsterland and Gangster Nation, and the tie-in novels to the television show Burn Notice. He directs the UCR Palm Desert Low Re

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Brad Listi & Tod Goldberg 18 Oct 2017 • EN

Episode 488 — Tod Goldberg

Brad Listi talks with Tod Goldberg, New York Times bestselling novelist and author of GANGSTER NATION, available now from Counterpoint Press. Goldberg's other books include Gangsterland (Counterpoint), a finalist for the Hammett Prize, and Living Dead Girl (Soho Press), a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize.

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