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Rolf Potts & Tim Ferriss 09 Jan 2024 • EN

Tim Ferriss on achievement v. appreciation

“Billionaires can’t take a week off? What’s the point of having a billion dollars if they have fewer options than I do?”  –Tim Ferriss In this episode of Deviate, Rolf and Tim discuss common travel fantasies, and the fears that keep people from traveling (5:00); how we can redefine what “wealth” is and live fuller live

128 min
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Rolf Potts & Tom Bissell 17 Oct 2023 • EN

Truth, luck, & multi-genre storytelling

“Not everyone who’s lucky is talented and not everyone who’s talented is lucky.”  –Tom Bissell In this episode of Deviate, Rolf and Tom talk about Tom’s lack of travel experience when he joined the Peace Corps, and how he dealt with his early failures (2:30); the role that luck (as well as craft and obsessive reading)

58 min
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Rolf Potts & Pico Iyer 11 Jul 2023 • EN

Travel makes you a kid again

“In alien parts, we speak more simply, unencumbered by the histories that we carry around at home, and look more excitedly, with eyes of wonder.” —Pico Iyer In this episode of Deviate, Rolf and The Vagabond’s Way book club participants discuss how he prepares for the book-club sessions (1:30); how the first days of one

46 min
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Rolf Potts & Andrew McCarthy 30 May 2023 • EN

Walking the Camino (with Andrew McCarthy)

“Not every fearful decision I’ve made has been bad, but most of my bad decisions have been based in fear.”  –Andrew McCarthy In this episode of Deviate, Rolf and Andrew talk about the two halves of Andrew’s professional life – acting and travel writing – and his transformative first journey on the Camino de Santiago in

38 min
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Rolf Potts & Ari Shaffir 02 May 2023 • EN

Idiosyncrasies of Las Vegas (with Ari Shaffir)

“Things don’t happen in Las Vegas. Things are happened in Las Vegas. All actions in the town are so meticulously predicted and orchestrated that spontaneity itself exists only as the ghost of compulsion.”  –Rolf Potts (in 1998) In this episode of Deviate, Rolf and Ari discuss Rolf’s 1998 Las Vegas essay “The Mystical H

64 min
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Chase Warrington & Rolf Potts 11 Apr 2023 • EN

Vagabonding and The Vagabond’s Way, with Rolf Potts

Rolf Potts is the author of one of the all time great travel books, Vagabonding, as well as his latest creation, The Vagabond’s Way, alongside a variety of other travel books and articles, as well as his podcast, Deviate. As one of the world’s best known nomads, Rolf stops by today to share his perspectives on the past

65 min
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