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Soumaya Keynes & Nina Banks 01 Jun 2022 • EN

Money Talks: The Alexander technique (update)

24 min
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David Beckworth & Soumaya Keynes 16 Sep 2019 • EN

Soumaya Keynes on Trade, Dollar Dominance, and the Highlights of Jackson Hole

Soumaya Keynes is the US economics editor for The Economist magazine, and she is also the co-host of *Trade Talks*, a podcast on all things trade, including trade policy, trade wars, and the future of trade. Soumaya joins the show today to talk about the general topic of trade, but also some other recent economic devel

49 min
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Soumaya Keynes + Chad Bown & Kadee Russ 06 Sep 2019 • EN

99: The Surprising Story of the US Trade Deficit with South Korea

Kadee Russ explains why the US trade imbalance with South Korea expanded after their trade agreement went into effect.

14 min
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Soumaya Keynes + Chad Bown & Adam Posen 03 Aug 2019 • EN

94: The Fed and the Trade War, with Adam Posen

Adam Posen explains why the US Federal Reserve is suddenly cutting interest rates and what that has to do with President Trump’s trade war.

20 min
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Chad Bown + Soumaya Keynes & Paul Krugman 17 Dec 2018 • EN

66: Paul Krugman Talks Trade

Keynes and Bown sit down with Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman (CUNY and New York Times) in a wide-ranging interview about international trade. They discuss NAFTA, labor standards, and the USMCA (2:25); the current toxicity...

45 min
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Soumaya Keynes + Chad Bown & Jason Furman 14 Aug 2018 • EN

51: Trade at the White House in Not So Normal Times

Keynes and Bown have a conversation with Jason Furman (PIIE, Harvard Kennedy School)—a former senior economic adviser of the Obama administration—about American economic policy. They ask Furman about economic and trade policy during the Great...

25 min
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