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Sarah Wendell & Deanna Raybourn 25 Aug 2023 • EN

577. Killing Folks with Deanna Raybourn

Deanna Raybourn is back, and we’re talking about some of the unusual methods used to kill folks in Killers of a Certain Age –and there are mild plot spoilers for that book, please be aware. We also talk about the images she receives from fans of her series, and the larger context of why there’s a sense of catharsis rea

48 min
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Sarah Wendell & Emily Nagoski 03 Feb 2023 • EN

548. Enthusiastic Sex and Podcasting with Emily Nagoski

Emily Nagoski has a new podcast, Come As You Are! If you’ve read her books, you know what this is about. We dive right into questions of consent and enthusiasm, the way the ace/aro community has developed conversations about sexuality within the field of sex education, and how the pandemic has affected sexuality. So mu

59 min
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Sarah Wendell & Deanna Raybourn 09 Sep 2022 • EN

527. Killers of a Certain Age with Deanna Raybourn

I’ve been talking about this book for weeks, and now I get to talk to the author: Deanna Raybourn joins me to talk about her new thriller, Killers of a Certain Age. We talk about the power of being underestimated, and the painfulness of being expected to disappear as you age. Battles against misogyny! Destroying the pa

45 min
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Sarah Wendell & Emily Henry 13 May 2022 • EN

510. Book Lovers with Emily Henry

This week, my guest is Emily Henry, whose new romance Book Lovers is out this past week!We talk about slow burns, book tour, puppies, the inspiration for the lead character, Nora, and the Icy City Ex Girlfriend Trope.Thank you to Ann_Knee, Clairatrix, and the enthusiastic members of the Culture Study Discord’s romance

38 min
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Sarah Wendell & Farah Heron 01 Apr 2022 • EN

504. Kamila Knows Best with Farah Heron

My guest today is author Farah Heron, whose latest book, Kamila Knows Best, is an updated spin on the Jane Austen classic Emma! Along the way we talk about:Updating a unique, challenging characterAddressing the age gap between the charactersThe importance of hot wet sarisCurly hair care techniquesLipstick recommendatio

41 min
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Sarah Wendell & Dahlia Adler 17 Sep 2021 • EN

475. Badass Anthologies and Vintage YA with Dahlia Adler

YA Author, reviewer, and editor Dahlia Adler joins me to talk about all the Badass Anthologies she’s editing, about her upcoming book, Home Field Advantage, and her latest, Cool for the Summer. And, inspired by a recent Instagram pic of her Bantam Love Stories collection, we also talk about vintage YA romances.Stay tun

49 min
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