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Konstantin Kisin + Francis Foster & Sarah Haider 28 May 2023 • EN

Ex-Muslim: This is a Difficult Conversation | Sarah Haider

Sarah Haider is a Pakistani-American writer, public speaker, and political activist. She created the advocacy group Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA), which seeks to normalise religious dissent and to help former Muslims leave the religion by linking them to support networks. Sarah’s Substack: https://sarahhaider.sub

79 min
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Coleman Hughes & Sarah Haider + Meghan Daum 14 Apr 2023 • EN

Dating, Gender, & Virtue Signaling with Sarah Haider & Meghan Daum

My guests today are Sarah Hader and Meghan Daum, who co-host the podcast called "A Special Place in Hell". Sarah, Meghan, and I talk about the difficulty of dating in New York City when you have heterodox politics. I talk about how the death of my mother influenced my attitude toward science and alternative medicine. W

100 min
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Seth Andrews & Sarah Haider 09 Jul 2019 • EN

Sarah Haider: Extremism and Liberal Values

Sarah Haider was born in Pakistan. She is a former Muslim, co-founder of, and a human rights activist. She speaks candidly with Seth Andrews about Islam, the hijab, atheism, extremism, and the critical need to regain our humanity in the examination of ideas. VIDEO of this conversation is at htt

43 min
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Julia Galef & Sarah Haider 18 Feb 2019 • EN

Rationally Speaking #227 - Sarah Haider on "Dissent and free speech"

This episode features Sarah Haider, the president of Ex-Muslims of North America. Julia and Sarah discuss why it's important to talk about the challenges of leaving Islam, and why that makes people uncomfortable or angry. They also explore whether being intellectually honest helps or hurts your effectiveness as an acti

58 min
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Iona Italia + Helen Pluckrose & Sarah Haider 09 Sep 2018 • EN

02 - Sarah Haider - Separating Ideas from People

Tea for Two: A podcast about politics, culture and society and about how everyone is wrong except us. With Iona Italia, Helen Pluckrose and guests. Episode 2: Sarah Haider More on Sarah's organisation, Ex Muslims of North America, can be found here: You can follow Sarah Haider on Twitter, https://

95 min
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Sam Harris & Sarah Haider 09 Jun 2017 • EN

#81 — Leaving Islam

Sam Harris speaks with Sarah Haider about her organization Ex-Muslims of North America, how the political Left is confused about Islam, "rape culture" under Islam, honesty without bigotry, stealth theocracy, immigration, the prospects of reforming Islam, and other topics. If the Making Sense podcast logo in your player

49 min
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