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Mental. Health. Matters. I’m so passionate about making more NOISE about this—regularly, because I believe it’s the only way that we can begin to break the stigmas—by having the conversations! The Be Ruthless Show is a place where we’ll be having the conversations other people don’t. The conversations other people won’t. In order to do that, I’m going BIG and BOLD. I’m anxious, I’m proud, and I’ll shout it for the world to hear. The shame game has got to stop, and it starts with US not being ashamed of OURSELVES! Look out, world. I’m ready to make a lot of NOISE and DISRUPT things.... Ruthlessly

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16 Jan 2024 • EN

Why Today Matters

It’s MLK Jr. Day - a day that represents so much for so many. A day that reminds us all how far we’ve come - In some ways… Did you know that today is also Blue Monday? Blue Monday is a day that acknowledges feelings of sadness and depression. It serves as a reminder to prioritize mental health and seek support if neede

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11 Jan 2024 • EN

The Truth About Loss.

It’s not easy to put it all out there - and men have been conditioned to leave feelings and emotions to women. Not today’s guest on The Be Ruthless Show, thankfully! Dorian Johnson is a Motivational Speaker, Digital Marketing and Content Creator, Award Winning Author, and Influencer. He is the Co-Author of the Award-wi

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09 Jan 2024 • EN

Growing Pains

Middle school to high school. High school to college. Moving. New jobs. Everyone talks about the positive changes when, in reality, these are also examples of overwhelming times. On today’s episode of The Be Ruthless Show, I discuss the Growing Pains we all experience during transitions. You can access the library / re

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Eleni has found a true passion as an author and Motivational Speaker. She shared her inspiring life story in the internationally best the selling books, She Is Magic and Women Who Illuminate and continues to share her message on stages worldwide. Eleni is the co-founder of Kalyteros.Life, a lifestyle brand whose goal i

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02 Jan 2024 • EN

What is a label?

From the beginning, the odds were stacked against Dave. His 15-year old biological mother had already made the difficult decision to put him up for adoption. On January 12, 1966 Dave was born in Phoenix, Arizona as an otherwise physically healthy infant, but where other babies had hips and legs, Dave had two flipper-li

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26 Dec 2023 • EN

Sunrise & Sunset

Award winning speaker & best selling author Jesse Brisendine is a world renowned expert who works with individuals and organizations to move beyond their limitations, unlock their greatness, & build their Camelot.  Business leaders, Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, medical professionals, and ed

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