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Donny Deutsch & Ruth Westheimer 08 Sep 2022 • EN

Dr. Ruth: Changing Times, Same Questions

In this episode, Donny welcomes iconic sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer. At 94 years of age, Dr. Ruth gives incredible commentary on her early years as a sniper and Holocaust survivor. Additionally, the duo goes over how to deal with loneliness, how the questions Dr. Ruth received over the years haven't really changed

49 min
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Scott Feinberg & Ruth Westheimer 21 Oct 2019 • EN

Dr. Ruth Westheimer - 'Ask Dr. Ruth'

The world's most famous sex therapist, who at 91 is the subject of a new Hulu doc, opens up about surviving the Holocaust, pursuing a career in psychosexual and relationship therapy, becoming an international celebrity and today's hot-button sex-related topics. Credits: Hosted by Scott Feinberg, recorded by Harley Yano

57 min
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Alan Alda & Ruth Westheimer 12 Feb 2019 • EN

Dr. Ruth on Communicating Under the Covers and Above

Her name is Ruth Westheimer, but we all know her as Dr. Ruth, the helpful lady who’s spoken to us for decades about sex. She's always direct, to the point, and bubbling with insight about ourselves and our partners. In this frank conversation with Alan Alda, Dr. Ruth talks about how to achieve a long lasting relationsh

45 min
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Charles Liu + Kristen Schaal + Neil deGrasse Tyson & Ruth Westheimer + Mary Roach 25 Aug 2013 • EN

The Science of Sex (Part 2)

The Science of Sex comes to its inevitable climax when Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kristen Schaal and Charles Liu discuss human, primate and alien sexuality with Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Mary Roach.

37 min
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Kristen Schaal + Neil deGrasse Tyson & Ruth Westheimer + Mary Roach 18 Aug 2013 • EN

The Science of Sex (Part 1)

StarTalk Radio trades the cosmic for the orgasmic when Neil deGrasse Tyson and Kristen Schaal discuss the science of sex with Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Mary Roach.

36 min
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