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This week our host switches chairs to discuss his new novel, Beasts of England, a state-of-the-farmyard novel about back-stabbers, truth-twisters and corrupt charlatans. Buy a signed copy here: * Manor Farm has reinvented itself as the South of England’s pre

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Adam Biles & Rob Doyle 09 Mar 2022 • EN

On the Pleasures (and Pains) of Rereading, with Rob Doyle

We speak with novelist Rob Doyle about his new book Autobibliography in which he recounts a year spent rereading 52 books. Detailing the memories the books unearthed and the impact they had on him Autobibliography is a fascinating insight into the apprenticeship of one of our most exciting young novelists and a full-th

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Brad Listi & Rob Doyle 20 Jan 2021 • EN

689. Rob Doyle

Rob Doyle is the guest. His new book, Threshold, is available from Bloomsbury. Doyle's debut novel, Here Are the Young Men, was published in 2014 by Bloomsbury and the Lilliput Press. It was selected as one of Hot Press magazine’s ‘20 Greatest Irish Novels 1916-2016’, and has been made into a film starring Dean Charles

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