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Hector Santiesteban & Reena Friedman Watts 19 Jan 2024 • EN

From Jerry Springer to Podcasting Success with Reena Friedman Watts

Reena Friedman Watts, the dynamic host of the Better Call Daddy podcast, shares her journey with infectious enthusiasm and a wealth of insights. From her early beginnings at the Jerry Springer Show to crafting her unique space in the podcasting arena. This episode explores how she balances family, career, and her passi

23 min
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How can we encourage more productive and respectful dialogue in today's polarized society? How can we ensure that media outlets present fair and impartial reporting? Today's brilliant guest Batya Ungar-Sargon opinion editor for Newsweek emphasizes the importance of discussing different points of view and having open-mi

58 min
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How can you apply lessons from the CIA to your personal and professional life?  Andrew Bustamante has done it!  On this episode of the Better Call Daddy show we dive into a range of topics from education systems to religion, parenting, and working for the CIA.  Our guest speaker shares insights from various personal ex

87 min
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Reena Friedman Watts & Michael Pollan 22 Mar 2023 • EN

302. Fueled By His Father’s Words. Matt Drinkhahn

You never know when the next person you connect with could change the course of your life.  Matt Drinkhahn is an explorer, a business coach, and strategist to growth-minded leaders and a proud FrontRowDad. You have to be innovative as an entrepreneur, father, husband and coach…  In order to improve and stay fresh today

60 min
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Reena Friedman Watts & Asher Laub 03 Feb 2023 • EN

295. Adrenal Insufficiency And Violin Proficiency. Asher Laub

Should musicians play in pain?  Music is more powerful than we realize!  Adrenal insufficiency led Asher Laub to reinventing himself and turning his pain into purpose.  Music makes Asher jump out of bed every day and keeps him happy.  “Never give up at your own expense,” he says.  He left behind three degrees and becam

47 min
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Reena Friedman Watts & Hector Santiesteban 12 Dec 2022 • EN

283. The Number One Hector Santiesteban

Hector Santiesteban and I connected through a Twitter Spaces he organized around unseen challenges women face in the podcasting industry.  Hector grew up around strong women who took control and led the way!  The women were running the show! He was surprised about the underrepresentation of women in podcasting. How dif

51 min
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