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►This time we are talking with Brandee Sanders Vice President Marketing for Motive Retail. she is an award-winning woman in tech, a Digital Nomad, Content Creator, Tech Strategist, Multimedia digital Storyteller, actress and director. As well as a polymath blending intense creativity commerce, and content, one dynamic

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Award-Winning multimedia director, thought leader, and speaker, humanizing data through engaging storytelling and technology. Featured works and collaborations with Emmy award-winning, Etsy, Netflix, Nasdaq, NY Times, Amazon, and INC. Magazine production, film, tech, video, and interactive media. Music Credit: Camilla

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Jodi Krangle & Brandee Sanders 03 Jun 2020 • EN

Interview with Multimedia Storyteller, Brandee Sanders – Part 2

Here’s the second part of my wild ride of an interview with Multimedia Storyteller, Brandee Sanders. We talked about her journey as a woman in tech and what other women in tech must consider when advancing in the field. We also discussed:How Brandee recognizes the challenges of being a woman in tech but doesn’t get con

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Jodi Krangle & Brandee Sanders 27 May 2020 • EN

Interview With Multimedia Storyteller, Brandee Sanders – Part 1

Brandee Sanders is an award-winning digital leader, tech strategist, multimedia storyteller, and data translator. She develops and accelerates her clients’ vision by working at the intersection of data, commerce, content, and creative. She’s worked with a dynamic variety of companies, including Silicon Valley startups,

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