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Joe Saul-Sehy + Josh Bannerman & Paulette Perhach 12 May 2022 • EN

Dell Podference: Steps to Building an Automated Business

Technology is ever-changing and keeping up with the latest tech can help build and improve your business. We have a special episode sponsored by Dell today for their PodFerence, a podcast-based conference to celebrate Small Business Month. To talk about how technology and digital automation intersects with her business

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Joe Saul-Sehy + Josh Bannerman & Len Penzo + Brian Feroldi + Paulette Perhach 14 Jan 2022 • EN

Avoid These Investing Pitfalls

Do you get overwhelmed by conflicting investment advice? It can be hard to determine fact from fiction with so many opinions. Today our roundtable debunks common investing myths to help you get your investment strategy on track. Brian Feroldi, Paulette Perhach and Len Penzo make up our roundtable today and they are sha

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#173: Paulette Perhach is a journalist who has been published in The New York Times, Slate, ELLE, Marie Claire, and Cosmo. But we’re not going to talk about that today. We’re going to talk about the fact that she’s made every decision by putting her life first, and then forcing her career to follow. She’s hiked through

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Do you have a f*** off fund? You know, a bit of money you've got in a savings account for emergencies. But I'm not just talking about when your car breaks down or you lose your job. I'm talking about when you need to quit your job because you're being harassed by your boss. Or when you need to leave your abusive boyfri

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Amanda Abella & Paulette Perhach 11 Sep 2018 • EN

Personal Finances & The Fuck Off Fund With Paulette Perhach

What would you be able to accomplish and do if you had a fuck off fund? What even is a fuck off fund? I'm talking to Paulette Perhack, the author behind the famous and wildly popular essay "The Fuck Off Fund", on how she built her's and changed her life, plus how you can do it too.  You can find full show notes at: htt

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Shannon McLay & Paulette Perhach 17 Aug 2018 •

Accepting your Financial Reality with Paulette Perhach

journalist, and now published author, Paulette Perhach, shares her honest and sometimes cringe-worthy journey from writing the viral fuck-off fund post to having no fuck-off fund at all. She shares why she wanted to write a book for writers that’s not just about how to make money writing. It’s a great conversation with

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