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Barney Whistance with Len Penzo shares 5 tips to help your small business become a raging success Episode 1078: 5 Tips to Help Your Small Business Become a Raging Success! by Barney Whistance with Len Penzo on Becoming an Entrepreneur Len Penzo writes about personal finance and macroeconomics on his eponymous personal

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Joe Saul-Sehy + Josh Bannerman & Len Penzo 08 Aug 2022 • EN

Groceries, Inflation, and Your Sandwich (Len's Annual Sandwich Survey)

Tired of the constant talk about inflation? Don't tune out yet because we are back with the MOST interesting and fun look at the cost of rising prices....Len Penzo's annual sandwich survey. He's on the 14th year of his iconic survey and he's here today to share this year's results. Will the BLT remain the most expensiv

76 min
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Joe Saul-Sehy + Josh Bannerman & Len Penzo + Brian Feroldi + Paulette Perhach 14 Jan 2022 • EN

Avoid These Investing Pitfalls

Do you get overwhelmed by conflicting investment advice? It can be hard to determine fact from fiction with so many opinions. Today our roundtable debunks common investing myths to help you get your investment strategy on track. Brian Feroldi, Paulette Perhach and Len Penzo make up our roundtable today and they are sha

73 min
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Josh Bannerman + Joe Saul-Sehy & Len Penzo + Chris Hutchins + Paula Pant 02 Jul 2021 • EN

Our Favorite Budget and Money Hacks (with Chris Hutchins)

Ever wish that saving money and spending less were easier? Today we've got your back because Chris Hutchins, Mr. Hack himself and host of the All The Hacks podcast, joins us to discuss a delicious list pulled from the popular Inspired Budget blog that lists a whopping 30 money hacks you should try in 2021. What hacks d

70 min
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Joe Saul-Sehy + Josh Bannerman & Len Penzo + Chelsea Brennan + Paula Pant 21 May 2021 • EN

Our Fad Finance Smackdown (plus a peek at our new Retirement Design Lab)

While reading a recent blog post on fad diets, we were shocked to realize that there's a metric ton of horrible fad financial advice out there. Today we're joined by an award-winning cast of financial contributors who share some of their least favorite fads. Regular contributors Len Penzo (LenPenzo.com) and Paula Pant

91 min
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Josh Bannerman + Joe Saul-Sehy & Len Penzo 22 Aug 2018 • EN

Len Penzo's Annual School Lunch Survey (the entertaining way to learn inflation)

PB&J or BLT? Before you answer that question you'll want to listen in on today's show. You guessed it! Today's the return of Len Penzo's annual Sandwich Survey. We're mixing the costs of going back to school, nutrition, and a little inflation talk all into one discussion. Turns out you can learn quite a bit from compar

58 min
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