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John Poveromo & Paul Provenza 11 Apr 2022 • EN

Day 152 - Paul Provenza

I could honesty talk about comedy with Paul Provenza forever. He’s not just a student of it he’s an architect of the craft itself, and the appreciation of it as well as having an eye for it in the comedians he surrounds himself with and the ones that are drawn to him. There’s so much thought and nuance and love that go

104 min
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Matt Nappo & Paul Provenza 16 Oct 2021 • EN

Paul Provenza - The History and Future of Comedy PATREON: Sponsors: Promo Code minddog

98 min
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Vicki Abelson & Paul Provenza 19 Apr 2018 • EN

Paul Provenza On Vicki Abelson's The Road Taken

Comedy gold! Paul Provenza took us on a thrill ride through comedy from his earliest memories of stand up on Ed Sullivan, afternoon talk shows in the 60s, Klein, Carlin, to Davi, the early days of The Improv... the funniest of the funny Aristocrats, Penn, TV sitcoms, the earliest days of Comedy Central to The Green Roo

115 min
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Jordan Morris + Jesse Thorn & Paul Provenza 13 Mar 2017 • EN

Ep. 471: Midnight Party with Paul Provenza

Stand up comic and filmmaker Paul Provenza joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the spectrum of pet adoption difficulty, stand ups you like to see sputter a bit on stage, and Jesse's daughter Grace's very important upcoming social engagement.  Go to for all of the information you need to

77 min
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