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Pablo Torre 10 Jan 2024 • EN

Pablo Torre on Following Curiosity

Pablo Torre is thoughtful. He’s smart, he’s intelligent, and he’s funny. Today’s conversation we get into all of that; we get into his personality, how he approaches media, how he approaches storytelling. At his core, he is someone who deeply wants to tell stories that range in emotions, that make you laugh, that may m

80 min
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Dan Le Batard & Pablo Torre 28 Apr 2023 • EN

Pablo Torre

Pablo Torre may be all smiles today, but he never imagined any of this. Enter Dan Le Batard. Pablo reflects on how a panic attack upended a life he thought he was destined to live, the pressures he put on himself as the child of accomplished Filipino immigrant parents, and why Dan's advice changed everything for him. T

70 min
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Max Linsky & Pablo Torre 21 Sep 2022 • EN

Episode 504: Pablo Torre

Pablo Torre is a sports journalist and the host of the ESPN Daily podcast. “I have an open borders policy as a podcast. All are welcome, but I’m specifically appealing to people who want a little bit more of that magazine curation. What if I gave you one thing today, and that thing was the thing you needed, and what if

52 min
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Peter Kafka & Pablo Torre 15 Oct 2020 • EN

ESPN’s Pablo Torre on balancing sports and politics

Host of ESPN Daily, Pablo Torre, sits down with Recode’s Peter Kafka to discuss the odd sports + politics + pandemic moment we’re in; he also talks about why he’s a sports journalist and not lawyer, and what it’s like to be a rare sight on TV. Morning Brew, the business newsletter publisher for millennials, is in talks

40 min
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Brian Koppelman & Pablo Torre 14 Aug 2018 • EN

Pablo Torre 8/14/18

Espn's Pablo Torre on finding his purpose To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

74 min
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