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CNN’s Oliver Darcy joins Recode’s Peter Kafka to discuss the way conservative media covers - and, importantly, doesn’t cover - the 1/6 riot and its aftermath. Then, NYT’s Erin Griffith reports back from the frontlines of the Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos trial, with tales of 3 AM wake-ups and keyboard mufflers. And she arg

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Peter Kafka & Oliver Darcy 29 Aug 2019 • EN

The decline of the right wing troll with CNN’s Oliver Darcy

CNN Senior media reporter Oliver Darcy chats with Recode’s Peter Kafka about Fox News, Breitbart, The Drudge Report and the current state of attack politics in right-wing media. Darcy also outlines his own path into media from a conservative writer for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze to his current role covering the media at CN

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Peter Kafka & Charlie Warzel + Oliver Darcy 24 Aug 2017 • EN

A guided tour of the pro-Trump media (Oliver Darcy, CNN; Charlie Warzel, BuzzFeed)

CNN's Oliver Darcy and BuzzFeed's Charlie Warzel talk with Recode's Peter Kafka about how they report on the many facets of the far-right media, which has exploded in prominence thanks to President Trump. They talk about how ideas, memes and conspiracy theories originated on websites like Breitbart or message boards li

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