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Krystal Ball + Kyle Kulinski & Nina Turner 07 Oct 2023 • EN

Episode 144: Nina Turner

Nina Turner joins us to discuss building labor power through We Are Somebody, a new organization to support striking workers.

77 min
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Paul Samuel Dolman & Nina Turner 21 Sep 2022 • EN

Nina Turner #1056

What Matters Most podcast host Paul Samuel Dolman speaks with progressive advocate and politician Nina Turner, host of Unbossed. The post Nina Turner #1056 appeared first on Paul Samuel Dolman.

40 min
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Cenk Uygur & Nina Turner 12 May 2022 • EN

What Went Wrong with the CPC

Cenk Uygur hosts. Sen. Nina Turner joins to call out the Congressional Progressive Caucus for abandoning her during her congressional campaign. Hosted on Acast. See for more information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

31 min
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Nina Turner & Gary Chambers 28 Apr 2022 • EN

Let's Go Further with Gary Chambers

Senator Turner and Louisiana’s Gary Chambers (running for U.S. Senate) grabbed a moment on Easter Sunday during a Get Out the Vote stop in Cleveland to talk Hot Topics. Most on their mind? Changing the politics of cannabis and the movement from its decriminalization to legalization.   LINKS: Gary Chambers - @GaryChambe

34 min
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Nina Turner & Harvey Kaye + Alan Minsky 21 Apr 2022 • EN

Let's Have a Prosperous Middle Class with Dr. Harvey J. Kaye and Alan Minsky

Senator Turner continues to ignite the call for democracy by discussing the 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights with experts, Harvey J. Kaye (Prof, Emeritus Democracy & Justice Studies, UW Green Bay - @harveyjkaye) and Alan Minsky (Executive Director, Progressive Democrats of America - @pdamerica). LINKS: Progressive

43 min
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Krystal Ball + Kyle Kulinski & Nina Turner 16 Apr 2022 • EN

Episode 69: Senator Nina Turner

Nina Turner rejoins the podcast to discuss her current run for Congress, how this race is different from the last, and how she’ll bring the progressive fight to the halls of Congress.

61 min
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