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In this conversation with Markus Lampinen, Co-founder and CEO at Prifina, a personal data platform, we discuss meaty topics like: Prifina’s approach to building privacy-respected apps for consumer wearable sensors; LLMs (Large Language Models) like Chat GPT; and why we should consider training our own personal AIs. Mar

59 min
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Derek Silva & Markus Lampinen 09 Feb 2022 • EN

Rethinking Privacy and Personal Data Ownership with Markus Lampinen

Host Derek E. Silva joins Markus Lampinen, CEO of Prifina an open app data market. They take a deep dive into personal data ownership, privacy challenges in the metaverse, and GDPR's rule on the right to be forgotten.

55 min
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Tobias Macey & Markus Lampinen 30 Sep 2021 • EN

Delivering Your Personal Data Cloud With Prifina

Summary The promise of online services is that they will make your life easier in exchange for collecting data about you. The reality is that they use more information than you realize for purposes that are not what you intended. There have been many attempts to harness all of the data that you generate for gaining use

72 min
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