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Adaam Levin-Areddy + Vanessa M. Quirk & Mehran Sahami + Rob Reich 12 Sep 2023 • EN

Big Tech VS Democracy (w/ Rob Reich, Mehran Sahami, & Jeremy Weinstein)

We bring in the fall with a big conversation about big tech, with the authors of System Error: Stanford professors Rob Reich (expertise in: political science, philosophy, ethics, democracy, digital technology), Mehran Sahami (software engineering, in particular machine learning and AI, and VC funding), and Jeremy Weins

64 min
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Andrew Keen & Mehran Sahami 27 Sep 2021 • EN

Mehran Sahami on the Sacrifices We're Making Because of Big Tech

Hosted by Andrew Keen, Keen On features conversations with some of the world’s leading thinkers and writers about the economic, political, and technological issues being discussed in the news, right now. In this episode of Keen On, Andrew is joined by Mehran Sahami, the author of System Error: Where Big Tech Went Wrong

37 min
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Alison Beard & Mehran Sahami 14 Sep 2021 • EN

Can Big Tech Reform Itself?

Mehran Sahami, a Stanford professor and former Google employee, wants to see a reset from the technology industry. For the past few decades, the world's technologists (many of whom become its corporate executives and venture capitalists) have been taught to prioritize optimization and efficiency without thinking a whol

26 min
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