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Pastor and best selling author Levi Lusko once asked Louis Giglio his method for memorizing the book of Ephesians. He then went on to secretly memorize the entire book of James and surprised his congregation by reciting the whole thing one Sunday morning! Here's what he learned from the process and why it matters for Y

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Matthew West & Levi Lusko 18 Oct 2023 • EN

Levi Lusko on the Beauty of Brokenness

On today's episode of The Matthew West Podcast, I'm joined by Levi Lusko! Levi is a husband, father, pastor, and author, whom I've grown to admire. You may know him from his role as Teaching Pastor at Fresh Life Church out of Montana or as the author of "Through the Eyes of a Lion,” “Swipe Right," "I Declare War," and

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Levi Lusko 27 Sep 2023 • EN

Writing for All Ages with Levi Lusko

We welcome Levi to the Writing Room today. Levi Lusko is an author, Founder and Lead Pastor of Fresh Life Church, and dear friend of ours. He is a kicker when it comes to jumping between genres and writing to different age groups. In today’s episode, he is sharing all about his newest book: Marvel at the Moon, a 90-day

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Fresh Life Church founder and bestselling author, Levi Lusko, talks about the first panic attack he had, what it taught him about himself and leadership, getting out of leading on adrenaline, establishing a new pace and his new book, Last Supper on the Moon.

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Travis Chappell & Levi Lusko 22 Mar 2021 • EN

566: Levi Lusko | Why You Shouldn't Avoid Struggle

Whether you know it or not, you have skills and abilities that lend themselves towards your calling in life, and the struggles you go through to get there are what will get you ready for it. Here to talk about that today is Levi Lusko, Pastor and pioneer of Fresh Life Church, which has now grown to have multiple locati

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Steven Furtick & Levi Lusko 30 Nov 2020 • EN

I Woke Up Like This (Levi Lusko)

God’s favor isn’t limited by our failures.  In “I Woke Up Like This,” we hear a word from Pastor Levi Lusko, the lead pastor of Fresh Life Church. In his message, Pastor Levi shows us how God’s favor often flows through the connections you make and the steps of faith you’re willing to take. See omnystudio.com/listener

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