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Mark Stiles & Gary Chapman 22 May 2024 • EN

Episode 178 - Dr. Gary Chapman: Fill Your Love Tank

Mark shares his recent conversation with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages! Hear how Dr. Chapman's framework meshes with Dr. Joe's I-M Approach and how understanding how to love others is the key to filling our own 'love tanks'! Find out your own love language with Dr. Chapman's free quiz! Get your copy

51 min
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Scott Sauls 27 Mar 2024 • EN

Beautiful People Don't Just Happen - Audio

Beautiful people don’t just happen, insists author and pastor Scott Sauls. So what’s it look like to shape true beauty in the souls within our four walls? Scott offers everyday ideas.

22 min
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10/11/2023 - Dean Inserra -pastor of City Church in Florida, on reaching those he calls cultural Christians with the Gospel

29 min
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David Meltzer & Sadhguru 21 Mar 2024 • EN

The Art of Being One with the Universe with Sadhguru

In today's episode, a throwback to a 2021 conversation with Sadhguru, founder of the Isha Foundation, we explore the transformative power of yoga and its capacity to shape our destinies. Sadhguru illuminates the concept of yoga as a means to experience profound unity and connection, transcending our individual psycholo

30 min
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Gary Chapman 14 Feb 2024 • EN

Valentine’s Day with Gary Chapman

Valentine’s Day can be a great time to express love to your spouse or sweetheart, but do you always need to spend money to do it? On today's Faith & Finance Live, Dr. Gary Chapman will join host Rob West to talk about Valentine’s Day, love, and money. Then, Rob will tackle some calls and financial questions.  See omnys

43 min
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Lewis Howes & Sarah Jakes Roberts 24 Apr 2024 • EN

Sarah Jakes Roberts: Do THIS to OVERCOME Trauma & DISCOVER Your Inner Power!

Welcome to The School of Greatness! I'm your host, Lewis Howes, and today we're joined by Sarah Jakes Roberts, an empowering speaker and author who dives deep into why many of us fear harnessing our inner power. In this episode, Sarah shares her journey of overcoming feelings of powerlessness, navigating insecurities,

81 min
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