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Cenk Uygur & Lawrence Lessig 08 Nov 2021 • EN

Facebook's Attack on Democracy

Cenk Uygur interviews Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig about the dangers behind Facebook's AI and how it spreads hate speech. Hosted on Acast. See for more information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

34 min
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Terrence McNally & Lawrence Lessig 21 Nov 2019 • EN

LAWRENCE LESSIG-They’re Not Representing Us-and what we need to do about it

In his latest book, THEY DON’T REPRESENT US: Reclaiming Our Democracy, Harvard Law School professor LAWRENCE LESSIG points out big problems the U.S. is NOT solving, and adds, “The crisis in America is not its president. Its president is the consequence of a crisis much more fundamental…The core problem with our democra

59 min
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Ben Mathis & Lawrence Lessig 18 Nov 2019 • EN

Lawrence Lessig on Solving "Unrepresentativeness" in America

Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig discusses the fundamental issue that he says underlies many of our current political problems - "unrepresentativeness."  He offers some creative prescriptions for how to cure America’s unrepresentativeness problem such as public funding of election campaigns (including campaigns fo

45 min
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Jonathan Shaw & Lawrence Lessig 09 Sep 2019 • EN

Lawrence Lessig: What Leads to Academic Corruption?

There’s a kind of academic corruption that most people have never considered. Not plagiarism. Not cheating on an exam. This is the kind of corruption that occurs when corporations and industry lobbying groups pay academics for expert testimony before Congress. Even the perception that such payments have occurred will r

27 min
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Julian E. Zelizer + Sam Wang & Lawrence Lessig 15 Aug 2019 • EN

#150: Election Reform with Lawrence Lessig

Voter suppression, gerrymandering, money in politics, and even issues with the electoral college all call into question whether the United States truly has a representative democracy. How might these issues play a role in the upcoming 2020 elections? Renowned scholar Lawrence Lessig of Harvard Law School joins Sam Wang

44 min
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Jamil Smith + Sean Illing & Lawrence Lessig 27 May 2019 • EN

Why good people are easily corrupted (with Lawrence Lessig)

I’ve been learning from, and arguing with, Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig for a decade now. We have a long-running debate over whether money or polarization is the root cause of our political ills. But our debate works because we share a crucial belief: Bad institutions overwhelm good individuals. In his latest

84 min
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