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On today's show, Ken discusses his recent book 'What the Nurses Saw". GUEST OVERVIEW: Ken is an investigative journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker. You can learn more about him at      

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In this episode, we are joined once again by Ken McCarthy, an activist, educator, entrepreneur, and internet commercialization pioneer. Ken is dedicated to enlightening the public on issues of significant importance – and his biggest project yet is the conversations we’ve had around COVID-19… Ken recently wrote a book

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Tom Woods & Ken McCarthy 21 Nov 2021 • EN

Ep. 2010 Business Guru vs. Paul Krugman

Ken McCarthy perceived the commercial potential of the Internet before almost anyone, and is considered the godfather of Internet marketing. Paul Krugman, meanwhile, claimed in the 1990s that the Internet's effect on the economy would be no greater than that of the fax machine. Ken and I have a wide ranging discussion

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Richard Jacobs & Ken McCarthy 17 Sep 2020 • EN

The Old Normal: An Historical Perspective of COVID-19 with Ken McCarthy

The COVID-19 situation isn’t the first of its kind—not entirely, at least. For as many times as you’ve heard voices claiming it’s triggered the “new normal,” you should have also heard the voices of reason and evidence and logic, which assert that it’s really more like an old normal, yet one that is causing unprecedent

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Jim Rutt & Ken McCarthy 16 Jan 2020 • EN

EP35 Ken McCarthy on the History of Online Business

Ken McCarthy talks with Jim about the commercial shift of the internet, the evolution of internet media, online market potential, the high cost of free, and much more... Internet pioneer Ken McCarthy talks with Jim about why & how he first got on the internet in 1993, what it was like to be in tech in the 90’s, the wal

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Ray Edwards & Ken McCarthy 22 Jan 2018 • EN

An Interview With Ken McCarthy

Today’s podcast is a lesson in the history of marketing online. I believe there is great value in knowing the history of our industry. Most of you in direct response internet marketing may not know we owe our careers to Ken McCarthy. Time Magazine credits Ken McCarthy with originating the idea of using click-through ra

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